Because we are publicly funded, we are required to report to Parliament and our stakeholders on our performance against the SOI and SPE each year in our Annual Report. The report gives us the opportunity to tell the stories of what we do to support the Māori language.

Our annual reporting period begins on 1 July each year, ending the following 30 June.

If you would like a printed copy, please contact our office.

Here is a PDF copy of our most recent Annual Report for download.  Previous years and copies in Word can be viewed by searching for ‘Annual Report’.

Annual Report 2017/2018 English [PDF, 1.5 MB]

Annual report 2016/17 - Bilingual [PDF, 3 MB]

Annual report 2015/16 - English  [PDF, 1.2 MB]

Annual report 2014/15 - English [PDF, 2.5 MB]

Annual report 2013/14 - Bilingual [PDF, 1.9 MB]


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