The guidelines outline what Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori considers to be current best practice for spelling and writing Māori, and provides an easy-to-follow guide promoting consistency in the use of written Māori and standards for publication. 

Guidelines for Māori Language Orthography [PDF, 243 KB]

Names of the days and months in Māori

Māori names for the days of the week
  Names created by Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori Phonetic borrowings from English
Monday Rāhina Mane
Tuesday Rātū Tūrei
Wednesday *Rāapa Wenerei
Thursday Rāpare Tāite
Friday Rāmere Paraire
*This is written as Rāapa rather than Raapa to ensure that the sense of the first word of the compound (rā ‘day’), is not lost, and follows the ‘best fit for the group’ principle.
   Established names  
 Saturday  Rāhoroi  Hatarei / Hātarei
Sunday Rātapu  


Māori names for the months
The following are the commonly used Māori names for the months. Synonyms of the names taken from the maramataka Māori (Māori calendar) are available in He Pātaka Kupu, listed under the headwords for those given below.
English name Maramataka Māori Ingoa whakawhiti
January Kohitātea Hānuere
February Huitanguru Pēpuere
March Poutūterangi Māehe
April Paengawhāwhā Āperira
May Haratua Mei
June Pipiri Hune
July Hōngongoi Hūrae
August Hereturikōkā Ākuhata
September Mahuru Hepetema
October Whiringa-ā-nuku Oketopa
November Whiringa-ā-rangi Noema
December Hakihea Tīhema

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